I slaved for 7 years without pay – Desire Derekford Mugumisa


By Ahmad Muto

Former Urban TV presenter turned NBS TV brand manager Desire Derekford Mugumisa sparked off a ferocious debate after he took to social media on Thursday, February 25 to announce his new work promotion, noting that at the start of his career, he went seven years without a salary. According to him, it was DJ Bushbaby, then the Urban TV station manager who saved him by recruiting and giving him his first salary on the 8th year.

Mugumisa, a seasoned sports pundit was the Head of PR at Next Media. He’s now in charge of Brand and Communication. On Twitter, he wrote: “I went my 1st 7 years of my career without pay, refused to give up, decided to skill up & be the best candidate for the next job. 14 years, tears, sweat & lots of passion later, the opportunities seem to keep flowing. #NextMediaUG just trusted me w/ 2 huge roles, fam! Grateful.”

Shortly, a social media user, Buni Christopher hit back with a protest tweet accusing Next Media of duping the unsuspecting public by advertising jobs they plan to give their own.

“Dear @nbstv, no need advertising for the position of Brand manager, to which I applied, you shortlisted & called me, I turn up only for you to apologize for having invited me for an interview for Sales Executive that I did not apply for. Now you gave the job to your own.”

This set off a chain reaction with Mugumisa on the receiving end, accused of being a privileged man who grew up with a lot of resources at his disposal, the reason he didn’t need a salary for seven years.

Erimia Milton: “Because you came from a good family which could allow you get access to tp etc…others go through hell sir.”

Kooti Yabantu: “I hate fake inspirational stories from rich kids, we have watched u grow from the days of teens club on wbs, Urban Tv to NBS now, you are just a connected fella and here all yapping, oba mwabaaki nokuduula”

Desire worked at UBC for the seven years where he co-hosted a Teens show and later a music chart show on Magic100.

Twitter: @MUTOHD


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