Men just want to use me and show off – Nwagi


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Winne Nwagi has opened up on why she has not settled down yet. While appearing on an Episode of ‘Dance with Valentino’ she said because of the persona she has created on social media, not many people rate her as the kind that can be in a serious relationship and respect a man. According to her, it is the reason she always finds herself in entanglement.

“I am an artiste so it is very hard to settle down with someone. Forexample when people see me on social media, they assume I can’t settle down. I can’t respect them so I find myself in entanglements. Some people come and they just want to use you because of what you are and show off,” she explained.

However, she noted that as much as she can commit, she lost interest in relationships and is now focusing on herself and being happy.

“I can commit to a relationship but now I have lost interest. I just want to live life. Love myself. Give myself everything I have ever wanted. My family, friends, my daughter. Life is short, instead of worrying about who is going to marry me. Then I will be miserable,” she added.  


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