Music Promoter, artiste robbed at gunpoint


By Hussein Kiganda

A music promoter and music artiste were robbed and beaten while returning from a show. Word at our desk indicates that the promoter, a one Bob and the artiste, Martha Lovey were robbed on their way from two shows they had organised in Imvepi trading center and Okpotani trading center in West Nile. 

Talking to the media in West Nile, the promoter narrated that a gang of five boys disguised as stranded travellers who needed help stopped them on the way and so they played the Good Samaritan part, not knowing that they were armed robbers.

“On our way back after the show at 3:AM, we met a group of boys who stopped us and asked for a lift. We accepted and took them. One sat in the from seat and the other four behind in the cabin.

Before we could reach the junction in Otumbari after Okpotani, the one in front removed a pistol, pointed it to the driver and ordered him to stop the vehicle which he did.

The rest of the four behind jumped off and joined him. They ordered us to submit our phones, bags and all the money we had collected in the shows. We gave in whatever we had and in panic. They then took off…,”the promoter narrated.

Having had such a shocking night, the two went to the nearby police station called Omugo police station and reported the incident claiming that they had lost their phones and money worth Sh2m


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