Akon reveals he’s got one square mile of land and will invest about $6B


By Ahmad Muto
US rapper, businessman and philanthropist Akon has answered one of the questions that have been bothering Ugandans online in regard to the construction of his smart city. Considering it is stated that he is worth a modest $80 million but undertaking projects worth billions of dollars, he explained that he is working with investors and money is the biggest business in the world because it exists everywhere.
“We have investors from everywhere around the world. We have investment tools everywhere. The problem is, people in Africa just don’t know how to get access to it. Money is free, it is the biggest business in the world,” he explained.
He added that Africa is blessed with a lot of resources but unfortunately its people are not educated. He noted that his biggest challenge will be managing and dealing with the corruption.
On his $6 billion project in Senegal that is yet to kick off, he says he is not sure how much he will invest in the Uganda project but stated that it won’t be far from the one in Senegal.
Akon also revealed that he has found the one square mile of land he wanted after the president gave him three choices. “I have found the one square mile I wanted. The president gave me three choices, I have picked one and waiting to share with him so we can put together the master plan.”


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