Balaam finally speaks out on Namasagali land theft allegation


By Ahmad Muto
Events promoter Balaam Barugahara has responded to social media reports accusing him of stealing land belonging to Namasagali College. In his defence, he accused journalist Dean Lubowa Saava of peddling lies against him as pay back after his frustrated him from soliciting money from Captain John Kassami. He said Saava is an experienced journalist but also a crook.
“Dean Lubowa Saava is a fraud. He started by attacking my friend Captain John Kassami after he refused to give him and his colleagues money. They claimed that he throws raunchy parties at his home. When I asked him to stop with the blackmail, he turned his guns against me, claiming I stole Namasagali land of over 600 square miles,” Balaam explained. 
He added that now Saava has been circulating a fake voice note of someone impersonating the Namasagali head teacher to support the claim.
Balaam also questioned how anyone can get that much land in Namasagali which is a cosmopolitan area with many developments, unless Saava is claiming he displaced hundreds of people.


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