I didn’t snub Nina Roz for Recho Rey Collabo-Brian Weiyz


By Hussein Kiganda

Brian Kaganda also known as Brian Weiyz has refuted the ongoing rumours that he refused to work with Nina Roz and opted for Recho Rey in their collabo remix dubbed Ayagala which was released a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, online news outlets wrote that the singer adamantly refused to work with Nina Roz because she does not have a good voice to suit into his style so he decided to go for a rapper. Other sites wrote that he snubbed  dancehall sensation Carol Kasita and several other singers.

Brian told The Kampala Sun that those sites had misunderstood him and they wrote their stories just to pull and sway audience for viewership. He explained how the issue was saying that the collabo was suggested by his fans.

“You see bro, those sites just write to capture audience here and there but it is not true that I refused to work with Nina Roz. The truth is that I was at a TV show and I explained that I asked my fans on my social media handles to suggest to me which artist they would love to see on my ayagala remix. Some of them suggested that I do with Nina Roz and Carol Kasita but most of them suggested that I work with Recho Rey. As a democratic fellow, I decided to go with the suggestion given to me by the largest number. Those writers just turned issues upside down…,”he explained.

The artist is working on his new collabo with Slick Stuart & Roja. The song is dubbed Loving you. He captured the hearts of many with his Bino nabiri, Ayagala single, wekole byonna with Fille and many mothers. He is under the record label called Andy Events which gave The B2C a breakthrough platform.


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