Stop using my name for publicity – Ykee Benda warns Bruno K


By Ahmad Muto
Singer Ykee Benda has responded to fellow singer Bruno K’s accusation of snatching his girlfriend of six years. Bruno K made the revelation last week that they nearly came to blows after in one week of meeting his girlfriend, the ‘Munakampala’ singer started dating her only to breakup after less than a month.
In Ykee Benda’s defence, he said he has no idea what Bruno K is whining about. He claims it is because he has failed to make good music that he decided to start making allegations for attention.
“I don’t know where this came from. I am advising him to start making music. He should stop jumping on people’s brands to make news. I followed what he said but I just ignored him. I understand what he wants, but he should make music,” said Ykee Benda.
According to Bruno K, since the time they almost fought, they have never talked and the lady is now married to another man.


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