I hate my collaboration with Bebe Cool – Irene Namubiru


By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Irene Namubiru, she doesn’t like her music collaboration with Bebe Cool titled ‘Lwaki onzanyirako’ because from her recollection, she had come home for about two weeks then returned to France where she was based and heard the incomplete version playing.

“We did it in a hurry. I don’t even know the song. I don’t remember the lyrics because he wrote his part, I wrote mine. These things were all new to me so when I got to France, I was shocked to hear it playing. I didn’t even know people here steal songs in studios,” she said.

She noted that because it was not properly done, listening to it gives her a bad feeling, the reason she has never added it to her collection.

“I cringe every time I listen to it because it was incomplete. There were things I wanted to remove and add. It annoys me and I don’t have it in my collection,” she added. 


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