Apass saved my life- Bruno K


By Bayan Nalubwama

Musician Bruno K has opened up on why he often hangs around fellow musician Alexander Bagonza aka A pass.

Bruno admits that it was Alex (short of Alexander) who taught him the purpose of life at a time he was feeling down.

“People always ask me why amongst all the artists I chill most with A PASS .  Some few years back when my world was falling apart and I was drowning in depression, this brother of mine sat me down and lectured me for almost 3hours about life. Trust me that talk saved my life and helped me get back on my feet.”  He shared.

He further stressed that A pass is a true definition of a Real friend who is supportive with Zero hypocrisy and has alot to be learned from. 
Fans believe the A pass’ worth of praise came because he stood out for Bruno after Ykee Benda snatched the former’s girlfriend. Besides Bruno K, spice Diana also shared a video some time back praising A Pass.


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