Kenzo asked to consider marrying daughter, Maya’s mother


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo has been requested by a section of his fans to look for his daughter, Maya Musuza’s mother, reconcile and get married. This was after he shared a photo of himself with Maya attending his manager, Martin Beta Muhumuza’s wedding over the weekend.

They argued that Maya is his only child now that is free from influences and tensions, the kind she has with his ex, Rema over their daughter Amaal who lives with the step father, Hamza Sebunya. They added that it is the reason she wasn’t present to witness her father, Kenzo giving out a plot of land and a car to Martin.

Jonh Bosco Selwada: “You must be regretting why you let mama maya go. You needed more of these originals.”

Moni Moni: “Marry her mum you raise your kids in peace. She’s a very beautiful soul.”

Barbie Naz: “The only daughter ataliko nkayana she’s such a cutie.”

However, those that have been following Maya’s mother, Tracy Nabatanzi came through to assure those with the ideas of reconciliation and marriage that she moved on and got married a while back.

Mukisa Ssuna: “Moni Moni, Her mom is married with a baby.”


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