We want a church wedding not relationship anniversaries – Fabiola told


By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Anita Fabiola has in the last few days shared a number of photos with boyfriend, Mark Ronald hanging out on vacation. But to section of her fans that have kept tabs, and witnessed her celebration months ago marking a second-year relationship anniversary; making this her longest relationship ever, they have asked her to marry him.

According to them, they can’t keep celebrating relationship anniversaries while other are celebrating wedding anniversaries. They have wished her a church wedding and hope that it does not end in tears.

Babrah Katagira: “May you live longer and end in church wedding. May your enemies be put to shame. I hear mbu beautiful girls don’t get married. But this time you will be the example to their negative thinking. Prove them wrong.”

Seera Moore: “May it not end in tears, but in church in name Jesus Christ son of the most high God, I love you guys, please get married and let us shame the devil.”

Tynnie Clare: “I’m seeing many bitter broken souls here. Even if it ends in tears, how about the tears you have been crying for many years in your failed relationships. Sharapp.”


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