Critic pokes holes in Kenzo’s gifts to manager


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo’s act of kindness towards his manager, Martin Beta Muhumuza was just for attention according to a critic named Gary. Kenzo over the weekend announced, at his manager Martin Beta’s wedding announced that he had given him land of 5 acres and a minivan. However, Gary has poked holes in them claiming that the Alphard Kenzo was grounded for a long time and has quite a mileage on it.

“These things of claiming Kenzo gave out a car is a lie. He gave Beta an Alphard that was grounded at his home in Buziga. It was branded ‘semyekozo’ even if you ask those around him. Martin is going to fix it himself,” he said.

He added that Kenzo is a car broker and therefore does not own a single car except the pajero he got from the president as a gift.

“Kenzo is a car broker. He does not own a single car except the Mpenkoni he got from the president. He is always changing cars. Even that Benz in the compound has a story. Why is he lying when we are fasting? Kenzo is elevating himself to a level he hasn’t reached,” he added.  

Gary also claims that Kenzo does not own the Buziga house, that it belongs to some Ugandan based overseas called William, he is just renting adding that the property he owns is the ones that houses the Big Talent studio along Salama road.


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