Negligence killed my music career – Qute Kaye


By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Qute Kaye, negligence killed his once promising music career and threw him into the jaws of drug abuse. He explained that he never struggled to record a hit song but lost focus after his ‘Ginkeese’ album that he sold at a good fee. Then he stopped vigorously promoting his songs like he did before, recorded some and abandoned them with producers in the studio to go do drugs.

“I was young when I came into the business so I was learning on the job. Certain things started to interest me. Before I could take my music to radio stations and give to the people responsible. Then I started producing and disappearing, producers would call me asking I go pick the song and I couldn’t. Radios would call me about it and I would promise to call back. That was it,” he explains.

He blamed getting into drugs on peer pressure and on building confidence.

“I didn’t start drugs to build confidence. It was peer pressure. Along the way I got involved with people that were huge consumers of drugs and they let me inside their circle without showing me they abused drugs. It was gradual. I believe it was divine. It was to open my eyes,” Kaye added.

He said all that while appearing in an interview with a local YouTuber.


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