Tonix tells celebrities to start handling their struggles privately


By Ahmad Muto

Allan Toniks has revealed that personal issues and not drugs as it was alleged forced him out of music for years. He noted that it is not a common thing for public figures to withdraw when dealing with issues, they prefer to deal with them infront of cameras and on social media.

“I had taken a life break, not a music break but then music got involved. I was dealing with personal issues and also, I know when public figures get issues, they want to put all of it out there. And I didn’t want that. It was very serious and depressing that I could go on camera or social media to talk about’” he explained.

He urged public figures to desist from the habit of sharing their struggles with the public because it is their struggle. He cited Whitney Houston who had a rather public fight with drug abuse.

“I sought refuge with my family. Remember that even as a celebrity, life is yours, not your fans’. In the long run, it is how we end up with people like Whitney Houston due of drugs and depression because you have to remember that the life is yours and you will suffer alone,” he added.

Toniks told Kampala Sun two years ago that he was battling a health issue, the reason he off the local music scene.  


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