Nameless, Wahu to release first ever joint love album


By Musa Ssemwanga

While there are hundreds of love songs out there, only a few celebrity couples have actually collaborated together.

Some have only made one song together while others have been making music together almost as long as their relationship, like Beyonce and Jayz.

In our region, Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu earlier this week dropped their first ever collabo ‘Te-amo.

It was shortly after this that the couple announced they will be outing an album titled ‘MZ” to signify their two-decade respective music careers.

The couple will also share their relationship journey through this 12 track album as they tell the story behind the music.

According to this duo, the Mz Album Project carries a variety of sounds and topics and the team will strive to release a single every month or so, as they build up to release the full album later this year.

‘It will also include the ups and downs, success and failures, happy and sad moments.’ The couple said about the album.


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