Geosteady fires management team over ex, Prima


By Ahmad Muto
Singer has revealed that he fired his entire management team and hired a new one after he separated with baby mama, Prima Kardashi last year. According to him, they fed Prima with a lot of lies about him and therefore contributed to their woes. He also changed his address, quitting Makindye’s Salama road.
“I have new people and they are working. I changed my life and pushed out everyone. Because I wanted to start a new page. The people I was treating as my team were the ones taking words to mama Soraya (Prima). I left Salama road and moved to a new place, and I am now Hassan,” he said.
However, he noted that he is happy they helped him get rid of her. He also added that he deleted all Prima’s photos from his social and unfollowed her everywhere so he hopes she does the same because he was prepared for it.
“I deleted all Prima’s photos on social media and unfollowed her, infact I have even blocked her where necessary. I hope she does the same. What would I be waiting for. I deleted to start a new life. I was ready for this. I was never convinced she was the right person for me.”


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