Travel is cheap, stop questioning Rema’s ability – Fatboy


By Ahmad Muto
Media personality James Onen popularly known as Fatboy has responded to those wondering about who could possibly have bankrolled singer Rema’s trip to Dubai with husband and daughter.
According to him, such travels are cheap because there are packages that everyone interested can afford and with all the star treats to all the good places. He said sh3.8 million is good enough for such a trip.
“Bambi these holidays are not that expensive so stop stressing them about the money part. Tour operators offer nice packages. Even just 1,000 dollars and they can take you around for a week like a celeb to all the fancy places in a country,” he said.
He then added that Dubai in particular is a cheap destination and therefore said Ugandans need to travel more like he did to Europe recently.
“Dubai in particular is famous for very cheap tour packages which even operators in Uganda can arrange and book for you. Ugandans should travel more I think. I spent 2 weeks in Europe recently with only 1,300 euros 9minus ticket0 in my pocket and traveled to 4 countries,” he added.
This unsettled many people who argued that sh3.8million is not little money and so average Ugandans will have to save for months.
Rema travelled to Dubai over a week ago. Part of her travel companions were a bunch of other ladies, raising more questions while others just think it is not her husband Hamza Sebunya incharge.


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