Bruno K gives up search for wife


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Bruno K has given in to frustration and announced that he is done looking for a wife and is now focusing on totally different things.

He made the revelation on social media: “I stopped looking for a wife coz I got disappointed so many times nakowa. Right now my focus is on serving the Lord,and helping others,” he tweeted.

Three weeks ago, he accused singer Ykee Benda of snatching his girlfriend of six years only to separate in less than a month together. He explained that it almost reduced them to a fight and they haven’t talked to each other since.

In a rejoinder, Ykee Benda asked him to stop using his name for cheap publicity. About the helping others part, well, he has mobilized a lot of support the last one week for the Real dance crew, the boys that playwright Alex Mukulu accused of upsetting him with body odour during their performance on a talent show.


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