Kenzo thanks Mesach for changing his mindset on awards


By Ahmad Muto

According to Singer Eddy Kenzo, he is grateful to singer Mesach Semakula who tipped him about music awards early in his career and shaped his understanding of them.

  He said while starting out as an upcoming artiste, he focused majorly on awards as the ultimate goal but was shocked by the organisers of the then most popular local award, the Pearl of Africa Music (PAM) Awards when they didn’t recognize him at all even after having a great year musically.

“Back in the day there was PAM awards. I deserved the artiste of the year award in 2009. I had worked hard. I had ‘Nategede Musonyiwe,’ among others but they didn’t even nominate me. I was pissed and wondered what one had to do to get recognized. That was my dream as an upcoming artiste,” he said.

However, when he met Semakula, he told him to stop focusing on awards but good music because awards almost threw him into depression.

“I thank Mesach Semakula. I went to him and complained. Then he told me to take them the way I see them and make sure I do good music because awards almost sent him into depression when he expected artiste of the year and didn’t get it,” he added.

Kenzo has since won multiple awards including a BET award.


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