Socialite Bad black officially engaged


By Hussein Kiganda

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa, also known as Bad Black said yes to her boyfriend Asha who proposed to her.

The socialite posted the pictures on her social handles.

“On-line in-laws thank you for your blessings what matters now as long as we are happy. Officially engaged after two years,”she wrote.

This came as a shock to many slayers who thought that she wouldn’t run for marriage or even engagement. Many anticipated that it would end in tears or she was not serious about it. 

“Facebook in-laws come here for a drink as we wait for ocean of tears,” Uganda Yaffe wrote.

“Isn’t it the same ring muzungu gave her sometime back!? Black otuvuze speed, anyway it will end in ocean tears followed in insults,” Dearlizo De-Liz Dorcus replied to a post.

“It will end in tears for us Facebook inlaws we are already to laugh for u,” Ronah Roin wrote.

Having read the comments from several on-line in-laws, she posted a video telling them how she does not care about their feelings and curses.

“Either in tears or what what, we shall post our men and our happy moments. Men who are genuine and serious are not snatched…,”she said.

The socialite’s love life has been with younger men since she left prison over fraud. Before Asha, she had dumped another called Sky West. 

The issue of proposing seems to be taking Uganda by storm with several personalities being proposed and others proposing to their long time lover’s. 


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