Fatboy regrets not considering fatherhood


By Ahmad Muto

Media personality James Onen popularly known as Fatboy has expressed regret about not espousing the idea of family following Makerere University’s ongoing 71st graduation. According to him, looking at the daughters of his contemporaries leaves him very depressed, given the fact that as an unmarried man, he is unable to ask them out because he is more of an uncle.

“Sometimes I look at my friends grown up daughters, but I keep quiet. Many have daughters who have just graduated. You want to holla but to her you are Uncle,” he wrote.

His followers told him to prepare to have children who will always call him mzee for letting time fly past him that all he can do now is admire his friends’ daughters.

Fatboy who is now 45-years-old has always bashed the institution of marriage saying he does not subscribe to it. That he thinks having children is a good idea and he is willing to have his own someday, but marriage is not on his to-do list. According to him, most women get married for the wedding, not to become wives.


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