Pregnancy will ruin your career- Abitex cautions Serena Bata


By Hussein kiganda

Promoter Abbey Musinguzi also known as Promoter Abitex has requested songstress Serena Bata to guard against from getting pregnant in order to keep the candle of her musical journey lighting.

Talking to the public on a TV show, he said that many female singer’s careers are shattered by pregnancy which takes them off the musical scenes and by the time they come back from their maternity breaks, they are no longer relevant.

“Serena is a good singer, everyone can see that. I only request her not to get pregnant because if she does, it may ruin her career. She can do all sorts of things but not that. She is free to love, to enjoy anything else but not that…,”the promoter advised.

Abitex is now Serena Bata’s manager. He rejuvenated her career when she quit Sipapa Entertainment which was more like a love-management relationship. She has released several songs under Abitex and among them are “single and it’s okey”, “rukundo” and many others.

However, there are many female artistes who have had maternity breaks from music but have still remained strong in the industry. Rema, Fille, Juliana, Vinka and others have managed to keep their names high despite pregnancy.


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