Rapper Fik Fameica reveals lockdown plans


By Hussein Kiganda

Rapper Shafik Walukagga also known as Fik Fameica has revealed his plan for the 42 days that were announced by President Museveni on Sunday.

The “buligita” singer is worried that the 42 days might prolong into a full year and as such, starvation will be inevitable.

However before that happens, he reveals that he plans to double his efforts in promoting his online platforms so that he may earn from them.

“At first, they were just two weeks, they are now 42 days plus a year of not working. I pray this time it does not become two years. The situation is beyond us now, we even do not have what to do. I am planning to gather all my efforts and put it online to enforce my online platforms so that I may earn from them even though we may not be holding shows…,”he said.

Music shows and bars had not yet been opened and it is now running to one and a half year since these were halted.

Many artists have been urging the government to open up bars and give them permission to hold shows. This has not been possible. The Covid19 address by the president further strained the situation.


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