“She is humble, caring and beautiful,” Atiku heaps praise on Cindy


By Hussein kiganda

Prynce Joel Atiku, Lover and fiancee to dancehall female star Cinderella Sanyu, has thrown roses onto his yet to be wife saying that as much as the public looks at her as a hard rock, capable of pointing fingers at any man, she is humble and caring to him.

He says that his lover is one that gives him peace and happiness because she is pretty enough.

“Cindy is such a pretty lover. She is very humble, caring, loving and very beautiful. She is very different from how the public sees her. The good thing is that we understand one another. I do not look at her as you see her, I see her as my fiancee, my wife to be and the person I love…,”he said.

Prynce Joel Atiku

About when they are to hold their introduction and wedding, he said that he was going to follow protocols and will soon tell the public when this would come.

“Of course we shall follow protocols. It is always a kukyaala first, then an introduction and lastly the wedding. We shall follow all this but will be telling you soon…,”he promised.

He also highlighted on the ongoing story that he cut off his dreads for Cindy’s sake. He said that this was his own decision, not Cindy’s.


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