Canary Mugume’s introduction was a Covid-19 super-spreader – Hon. Muhanga


By Ahmad Muto
According to member of parliament and state minister for health designate, Margaret Muhanga, journalist Canary Mugume’s introduction that she attended last month was one example of a Covid-19 super-spreader. She said Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were not in place despite the large number of guests that after wards, she realised she had come in contact someone infected.
“I attended Canary Mugume’s introduction weeks ago. We were very many people with journalists, hundreds without face masks mixing freely. The next day I went to State House. My driver tested positive for Covid-19,” she said.
Muhanga added: “Some minister gave me a lift and we kept talking. Had that guy given me Covid-19, I was going to spread it and he was going to take it home. He didn’t know he had it. He is my nephew.”
She made the revelation while appearing on a local television station on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
Canary Mugume’s introduction to Sasha Ferguson’s family in the city suburb of Buziga happened on Saturday, May 22, 2021.


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