Fresh Kid unhappy over Nakiwala Kiyingi cabinet snub


By Hussein Kiganda

Young rapper Fresh Kid is not well with how President Museveni selected his cabinet members. The rapper is dissatisfied with the list of ministers that were released a few days ago, leaving out former minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, who handled children’s affairs.
Appearing on TV, the “Bambi” singer revealed that he never thought that Nakiyingi would be dropped by the president because she did  a lot for the children in Uganda and specifically herself.
“My dad showed me the list of all ministers and as I passed through, I never saw some names on the list. I never saw mama Florence Nakiwala. I never felt well because I never thought she would be dropped because he has done a lot for children in Uganda. For me, if it wasn’t her, I would not be where I am today. She made it possible for me to get most of the endorsements that I have today…,”he said.
He called out to president Museveni to consider the former minister for another big post so that she may deliver and serve the nation on another platform.
“I kindly call upon president Museveni to look into what Nakiwala has done for us the children and find a big post for her in the upcoming posts. She promised to make me an ambassador for children and if she has no power, then I may miss it out…,”he added.
The former minister is one that called out to the singer’s management to stop making him sing day and night at that tender age and urged him to go to school. In a reply to her, the rapper sang a song called “bambi” to ask the minister let him sing.


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