Think about us and our children – Mesach Ssemakula begs govt


By Hussein Kiganda

Legendary singer Mesach Ssemakula has cried out to government to come to the rescue of all musicians this time around.

He revealed that despite the fact that he and some other artistes never came out to express how badly they are, the people in the entertainment industry are starving and not doing well financially. He said that musicians have not worked for close to one and a half year now and have used all their savings.

“I am talking on behalf of many people like me. I may not be so badly off but there are so many artistes out there that are not well financially. They would also want to get help from the government. We are the people who give promoters work. The promoters were given money and we were not given, why? I think government should look into it and think of us this time…,”he said.

He also urged the government to think out on how children can learn without going to school because they are growing older yet in the same classes. He thinks that some may feel shy to be in the same classes for two years now.

“Our children are getting older at home. They have remained in the same classes for two years now. They may start feeling shame because of this. The government should come up with a way to see that even if they are at home, they may still study and go to higher classes…,”he urged.

The entertainment industry eats on performances which bring large numbers together and this may be a trigger to the spread of the Covid19 virus. They have not been able to perform, save for a few like Evelyn Lagu, who managed to stage some shows for the sake of her health. 


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