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A conversation with Muhoozi saved me from a messy depression – Cedric Babu

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By Ahmad Muto
City talent manager, sports entrepreneur and former Kampala Central Member of Parliament aspirant, Cedric Babu responded to Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s tweet about how they used to fight as young boys, but grew up to become the best of friends on Wednesday, September 16, 2021.
On Tuesday, September 15, 2021, the commander of land forces tweeted a photo of them together with the caption: “My young brother @CedricNdilima, we used to fight as young boys, but now as old men we are best of friends.”
Cedric responded by recounting how they have been friends for three decades.
He explained that years ago when he was sliding into depression, a call from Muhoozi that he was hesitant to respond to enabled him get his situation in order and find peace.
“Yesterday one of my oldest friends Gen @mkainerugaba wrote a tweet that has gotten a lot of attention. A lot of positivity, some negativity. I am going to give y’all a story of many as to why Muhoozi and I have remained friends for 30 years. A few years ago I encountered some personal issues. Little did I know I was sliding into depression. I was anxious, I could not sleep, I spent much time alone, could not communicate then one evening Muhoozi calls me and after a short chat he says come over I want to talk to you,” he tweeted.

According to Cedric, he was not interested, but gave in after Muhoozi insisted. It was then that they had a conversation that turned his life around.
“I resisted at first, but he insisted. We talked generally about life. Then he told me about his journey since our school days and I told him about mine. He finished off the conversation by saying ‘Seydou (as my @SMACKOBA100 refer to me) you need peace in your soul! Then it sunk in. It was not about my business, my kids, money having a good time etc. It was about finding peace within myself. I was in turmoil. From then my journey has always been about preserving that space that houses inner peace. If Muhoozi had not called that day it could have got messy!”

Cedric and Muhoozi both attended St. Mary’s College, Kisubi where their friendship blossomed.

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