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By Ahmad Muto
Early this week, media personality Lucky Mbabazi gave Swangz Avenue singer Priscilla Zawedde, alias Azawi, a vote of confidence saying she is capable of winning a Grammy award someday.
“@AzawiOfficial, I have a big feeling that one day she will bring home a Grammy and other international awards. She is capable of easily competing with other artistes worldwide. I choose to give her flowers now when she can smell them,” she tweeted.
Speaking to The Kampala Sun on Thursday, September 30, 2021 she noted that Grammys are the biggest awards in the world and therefore, being appreciated would be a big bonus.
Why just a bonus? Well, she said that for her personally, the biggest award is winning a soul through music.
“First of all, what you have to know is for me personally, the biggest award I could ever get is winning a soul through the music because honestly that is what I am passionate about. Music. Making someone feel something inside. But of course, Grammys are the biggest awards in the world and being appreciated with one or a couple of them would be like such a big bonus to me and my career,” she explained.
In the recent past, singer Crysto Panda and rapper Big Trill each vowed to bring Uganda its very first Grammy award.

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