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By Ahmad Muto
Dancehall singer Alexander Bagonza, alias A Pass, has advised those protesting his social media posts to log out instead of expecting people’s posts to conform to their ideas and beliefs. He argues that nobody is forced to scroll.
“If you do not like everything you see on social media, log out. Stop having issues with what people post. No one is forcing you to scroll through things you do not like #ByeBye,” he tweeted.
A month ago, we reported how comedian Conan Tumusiime quit social media including the platform he used the most, Twitter. He cited exhaustion and toxicity, after hitting over 20k followers.
In 2019, Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta who was the most followed African leader with over 3.6 followers on Twitter quit the app suddenly. It was later revealed that he made the decision because of constant taunting of his person by Kenyans.
It is important to note that A Pass follows no single account on Twitter, perhaps the only public figure to not be following anybody. However, he is followed by over 400k accounts and that has twice sparked a row between him and his fans. And he is unapologetic with his tweets.

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