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Abtex blasted as Maama Fiina celebrates birthday with new ride

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi aka Abtex has been a longtime admirer of Sylvia Namutebi aka Maama Fiina.

He is so besotted by  her larger-than-life “giving heart” and the fact that she gives traditional healing a ‘cool’ name, owing to her modern poise and demeanour.

Over the years, he  vowed not to give up in his love manifesto. During her birthday last year, he gave her cake. He was branded a miser. He promised to fly her to the Maldives for her birthday this year.  He was a no-show and those who follow them used the chance to blast him.

“Abtex died in his movie. He can’t afford Maama Fiina,” a one Kiyaga said.


The comments came after Maama Fiina was doled a brand new Toyota Rav4 ride as a birthday present.

The vehicle was gifted to her by one of her old clients, Jane Nakimuli, who resides in London.

Nakimuli said the ride was her way of thanking and appreciating Maama Fiina for enabling her and others stabilise in their marriages.

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