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By Kampala Sun Writer

Spoiler alert! Jan-worry is around the corner. It’s a month people are wary of, following days of partying, drinking and eating and forgetting that tomorrow exists. Don’t be like these people who enjoy now and suffer later. You want to know how January will be like if you spend with reckless abandon? See the faces of the people in the pictures. What do you see? Not despair, regret, hunger and anger?

You don’t want to be like a pesky housefly that’s supposed to be warded off delicious food, for you only bring monetary problems to the table. Everything you say is just annoying. Your confidence even disappears. You get that disgusting oily skin appearance. You start looking for coins in every nook and cranny of your house or wallet. You want to drink beer on credit. Even one ka-bottle riyale!

You are the same person who is always singing, “I am expecting some ka-money, I am expecting some ka-money.”

You who is perpetually expecting some ka-money, is it riding on the back of a tortoise?

Poor people are disrespected. And, sweet baby Jesus, romance without finance is tiiiiiiiiight!

How do you avoid all this? Spend wisely, enjoy wisely. Save some dime for that dry day.

On Look on the Bright Side Day today, even if you are itching to spend to the last coin now, remember that proper planning will mean January will be a lot easier to handle.


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