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By Ahmad Muto
UK based Ugandan BBC journalist Alan Kasujja has bought into the idea of Victoria University taking on city socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black as their brand ambassador. According to him, there is no single rule in the books against it and he is totally for the university pushing an important message.
“Bad Black as a brand ambassador for a university.. is amazing. Wild. Disruptive. Anti-clockwise thinking. Brilliant. What rules? I love it. Victoria University is pushing a strong/important accessibility message!” he tweeted.
A one @eochaya replied that this should not be a big deal because people even join the university without a principle pass to which Alan tweeted: “I would argue that the principle pass or not, higher education should be accessible to those who want it. No?”
It should be noted that Bad Black has intentions of pursuing a course in digital marketing and English language at the university.
Meanwhile Sarah Kagingo, the principle press secretary in the office of the speaker of parliament, does not think Bad Black is fit for the job. “A brand ambassador is enlisted to represent a brand in positive light, and by doing so, help to increase brand awareness and drive sales. The brand embodies corporate identity, values and demeanour.
On Monday, September 27, 2021 Bad Black signed an agreement with Victoria University, to run for one year as their Brand Ambassador. She is charged with doing brand marketing through the institution’s different platforms.

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