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By Julius Senyimba
September is a special month for Zoe fellowship as they take stage and honour Prophet Elvis Mbonye. 
The colourful annual celebrations have seen a scientific touch and this will be the case come tomorrow as as remnants all over the world come together to celebrate the Prophet. 
The fifth edition, will see only friends and partners honour Mbonye physically while the rest will enjoy the concert online starting at 6:30pm. 
Dubbed the double honour event, the inaugural virtual celebration will stretch from prophecies to entertainment from gospel singer Ruyonga among others. 
The all local affair thanks to travel restrictions all over the world, will miss an international gospel act as it was the case with Mican Stampley in 2018 and Ron Kenloy in 2019. 
In short, as remnants all over the world will be giving testimonies on the honouring day those on the criticising side will also be very busy.

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