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Ambulances used to transport drunkards-Police

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By Jeff Andrew Lule
The Uganda Police Force has issued a stern warning on all privately owned ambulances, which they say are being misused by their drivers.
The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said their intelligence shows that some of the privately-owned ambulances moving in the wee hours of the night are always carrying people from bars in different places to avoid curfew operations.
“We have got reliable information that some of these ambulances are used to transport people from different bars and others who hold meeting beyond the curfew hours. They keep on transporting passengers from one place to another,” he added.
He also stressed that some ambulances are used to smuggle goods at the border point especially in Busia into the country.
He called on the owners of the ambulances to closely monitor their ambulances before they get impounded.
Enanga said all territorial commanders have now been ordered to always inspect all the ambulances moving past curfew time.

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