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By Hussein Kiganda

With three songs – Doctor, Tonerabira and Radio call.9 – currently on rotation, An Known is winning himself attention from stakeholders in the music industry. Who exactly is the up and coming vocalist that brings back memories of late Moses Radio’s voice?
An Known refused to reveal his birth name during the interview,but his close friends say he is called Dalton Ntege. Born in 1998, he is a daddy’s boy who grew up in Seguka with his father Godfrey Sseninde and his brother, Joram. An Known calls his family broken because he and his brother grew up with his father and his two sisters grew up with his mother. He, however, has never known his mother’s whereabouts since childhood.
“I was so stubborn and I am still the same. I remember when someone bought for me new clothes and shoes for school and I intentionally got myself dirty in the mud and went to school.”

At school, An Known was a mediocre student who did not enjoy attending classes. He says S4 was his highest level of education. He, however, paid his academic debts by leading the MDD group and being an entertainment prefect at school. He loved singing and was a dancer in the church.
In 2018, he failed to get money to complete his A levels and his father suggested that he should go to Dubai for a nkuba kyeyo, but he refused. He stayed in Seguka, loitering around the village, throwing stones at mangoes, which he would eat while going to several studios to get free recording sessions. He recorded his first song called Doctor and struggled to promote it. An Known was sure he had support from his fellow idle boys in the same village, but did not know it would impress other people.

He says, “I knew I had no money for promotion, to pay deejays and presenters, so I sang songs that touched the hearts of their relatives. I knew their relatives would pressure them into playing them and it worked for me. I never put any money in promotion.”
When he added Tonerabira and Radio call.9, his fan base grew larger and he found his songs spreading to a wider audience. He then started receiving calls from big names in the game. The corona virus pandemic and the subsequent lock downs, however, slowed his penetration into the mainstream.

“The lock down cost me much. I had just released Doctor and I had got a professional management. When Covid-19 hit, the management cancelled my contract and that was it.”

When the audience likens him to the late Moses Radio, he says the fallen legend is extraordinary, a class apart.
“I cannot say that I can fit in his shoes, but I am making my own size. I hope that in five years from now, my name will be written everywhere as a legend, as if I was here for 20 years. I think that at the moment, I am one of the best vocalists at the in Uganda…,” he says. 



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