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By Ahmad Muto
Singer and socialite Angella Katatumba has reacted with fury after her ex-boyfriend, Daddy Andre denied ever dating her. Katatumba who pulled the plug on the relationship in early 2020 claiming Andre refused to share with her his HIV test results said she wondered when she watched a footage of Andre at it.
According to her, after close to two years, she expected Andre to have cooled down and moved on, given the fact that he even went to see Nina Roz’s parents. She added that it was not her who made their relationship public but Andre himself who shared a video on social media announcing it. In that regard, she outlined four scenarios that illustrated he was so in love with her.
“I have seen the news of Andre’s denying he ever dated me. I have wondered why after being silent for close to two years, he suddenly came out to say such nonsense. Because one, he made a clip where I said less because of my terrible Luganda. he said we were dating. I only heard Jay Z and Beyonce. It was actually him who leaked the information about us dating. And he kept saying it on radio that the woman is mine. It is basically a thing that the whole world knows he himself said,” she said.
Secondly, she said Andre took her to Busia to meet his entire family telling them she was the woman he wanted to marry.
Thirdly, that Andre rented for her a fully furnished apartment in Munyonyo where she lived with him three days a week and went back to Muyenga because they were not married. A thing Andre can’t deny because artistes came to record in his bedroom studio while she was present.
Finally, she said she has receipts, photos, videos and audios to disprove everything Andre said, accusing him of failing to move on and trying to re-write history. However, she noted that Andre is trying to set her up to start talking about him again.

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