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By Abbey Ramadan

Old man of the clan, Andrew Mwenda has a thing for smoking hot belles.  He has severally been spotted hugging or cuddling them in public.  The 49-year-old Mwenda is so besotted by beauties, he often loses concentration when one is in his midst.

Andrew Mwenda was spotted getting flirty with this lady (Photo: Abbey Ramadan)

During the first cake mixing ceremony held at Speke Apartments Wampewo on Sunday, Mwenda was spotted getting flirty with a damsel. He first winked and then moved close to her.  She seemed to lap in the adulation and Mwenda was soon whispering away.

And their exchange didn’t go unnoticed by those in attendance. Mwenda had a profound effect on her, when his hand reached for her chin, many thought it would end in a kiss!  It never happened.

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