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By Hussein Kiganda

Musicians in Uganda are preparing for the grand reopening of the country in January as was announced by Sevo a few days ago.

Most studios in town are busy with several projects that are intended to be released as soon as shows and concerts are finally allowed to be held.

The Kampala Sun contacted a number of producers and artists from different regions of Uganda to find out how work is advancing. A number of them revealed that more musicians are producing music targeting January.

Producer and artiste Seyo of Guide Records in Kasese told The Kampala Sun that the number of artists coming to his studio have increased since the President addressed the nation.

“Yes, the number has increased. But some of us had already recorded songs to release and so far I have released one with Kalifa Aganaga titled Fire me and more are to be released since we hope to start work in January. As a producer too I see guys are busy in studios trying to make new vibes and I think by January we will have great and new tunes…,” Seyo said.

Producer Genius Goddy in Munyonyo said some artists are still hesitant to record music because they are not sure if the President will keep his word.

However, other musicians said they are not rushing to record songs because they have their own schedules for projects. Producer and singer Zuli Tums said he produces music at his own pace.

“I prefer recording at my own pace because with or without reopening, I have still been recording music,” Zuli Tums said.

Some video directors have also reported that more artistes have booked them for projects since the last presidential address. Edrine Paul of Future Trends said there is a slight change in bookings. Director Logic of Pure Grey Films said more clients had contacted him, but they wanted low-budget videos.

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