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By Ahmad Muto

City Disk Jockey, DJ Aludah made a spirited defense of local entertainers that have become a subject of public scrutiny following their ‘begging’ escapades in Gulu. Via a tweet, Aludah argued that they have not worked for about 18 months yet they have folks to take care of and the end to the closure is not near. He argues that the mockery they are being subjected to is unwarranted. 
“Mock artists for going to Gulu to ask/beg (whatever you want to call it) for a handout for all I care. We have not worked since March 2020 when entertainment got shut. We too have families to feed. Bare in mind entertainment will stay closed for a long time to come,” he tweeted. 
Social media with zero sympathy descended on the DJ asking him how they managed to pop champagne during normal times instead of investing and now cannot use the same energy to sustain themselves. They argued that the handouts they are out soliciting is how they are leasing the industry they will not be able to control again should normalcy return. 
@umarmenya: “Let us be honest here, everyone has been affected by the pandemic we all need the ka money naye artistes should learn to invest. If you know you have less why live a life you cannot afford. That sh9bn can help artistes collectively, but they should learn to invest. That is it.”

Aludah accused him of being off topic despite noting he has a point. 
@mugisha_Ian7: “Artistes are not all of us. We are all Ugandans and this govt takes a lot from us (taxes). Those guys in the entertainment industry should not act so privileged with those budgets they cannot live up to. We need better policy to curb our problems, not musicians.”
This confrontation is a result of a letter that made rounds on social media on Monday, August 2 allegedly from the United Music Superstars Association to the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Gen. Salim Saleh requesting for stimulus funds for particular artistes. The total is over sh9b with Pallaso taking home the highest amount of sh821m followed by his brother, Chameleone with sh800m. It is compensation for losses incurred by individual artistes as a result of closure of concerts.

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