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By Hussein Kiganda

Reports coming in from Western Uganda show that some comedians and musicians from Mbarara have already received the Covid19 relief money and are very much excited about it.

Jaykays Beats, a producer and promoter in Mbarara told The Kampala Sun that these were coordinated by a comedian called Kachaina.

“Yes, some artists and comedians here have already received their relief money. But it was only for those that had been coordinated by comedian Kachaina, who brought them together in one umbrella and registered them…,” JayKays said.

Another artist in the gospel arena called Peterson confirmed that he received the money and is so happy for it. He bragged about being blessed.

“Sincerely, I have received the money. Thanks to Kachaina and others who made this possible. Imagine, it comes with the withdraw fee…,” he said in affirmation.

Artists here are busy making different associations that have not sired anything. Up to now, no money has been sent to those in Kampala.

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