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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Priscilla Zawedde has revealed that when she joined Swangz Avenue, her stage name was Zawi but it was not long before singer Sarah Zawedde made sure she did not take that name.
She said Sarah Zawedde hit them up and said she had already copyrighted the name and therefore, Azawi should stay away from it. According to her, that was when they started fidgeting with the name and figured out that adding ‘A’ to make in Azawi would allow them sail to safety.
“Initially I was Zawi, but Sarah Zawedde said she copyrighted the name a long time ago. You see, that gave us the opportunity to think even more so we considered adding ‘A’ to it and Julius (Kyazze) did to make it Azawi.”
She made the revelation on Friday, October 8, while in preparation for the unveiling of her new 16-track African Music album on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

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