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Aziz Azion claims he abandoned Bax ragga because of conflicts

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Aziz Azion who largely earned the credit for creating a style of music that was fast christened the Ugandan national sound has now revealed that he stopped fronting his face as the pioneer because of conflicts.
He accused Ugandan artistes of jumping on every music trend sweeping across the continent, like the Nigerian wave and not taking time to create their own, yet even the Tanzanians created and sold Bongo flava. He explained that he created Bax ragga with the help of his producer friend, Man Polo by mixing the drums in Kadongo kamu given his experience starting out as an artiste. And the name was from where he borrowed the components he mixed to create the sound – Baximba and ragga.
However, he noted that artistes started fighting for it and the conflict forced him to abandon it because he was not ready for confrontation.
“I did drop it. When people started fighting over it, I quit. They said I tried to own it yet Bebe Cool and Nandujja (Kamungolo) had done one before. I wondered what they were calling the songs then. The white man did not discover River Nile, he named it. That is what I did. Bax ragga,” he explained.
He also added that as much as Bebe Cool did not give him credit, the person who wrote his song Kabulegane (Yese Oman Rafiki) met and thanked him for creating a new style.
Azion recorded I am bad, Omulembe with Sheebah and Winner before distancing himself from the style.

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