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By Ahmad Muto
Kenyan legislator and a friend of the National Unity Platform (NUP) president, Babu Owino has been defended by his wife, Fridah Muthoni a week after Bobi Wine raised dust by endorsing him.
A section of Kenyans on social media accused the NUP principal of endorsing the Embakasi East Member of parliament despite his bad public record.
In a video interview with her husband, Muthoni said she has not given up on Owino despite his controversies because he is a good man with a heart of gold and she noticed it from the first day. She added that her husband’s background led her into appreciating him the more because few make it out of the slum. Muthoni accused Kenyans of misinterpreting her husband, arguing that what he does or says is not a true reflection of who is.
Bobi Wine was over a week ago roasted by Kenyans after he campaigned for Owino to be re-elected in the 2022 elections.
Bobi deleted the video endorsing Owino shortly after it attracted the criticism that he did not expect. They asked him to concentrate on Ugandan politics and stay away from Kenya’s because he has no idea about the person he endorsed.
A day later, Bobi Wine apologised to Kenyans saying Owino, who has been his friend since 2018 is a reformed man who has since made peace with his alleged enemy.
Real name Paul Ogili, the Kenyan politician was in January 2020 dragged to a Kenyan Court after he shot at DJ Evolve during a bar brawl. The case is still in court. That is what left Kenyans fuming with a section of those that expressed support for Bobi Wine now saying they are happy he lost his 2021 presidential bid.

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