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By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Bad Black has clapped back at city comedian, Patrick Salvado who claimed she fled at night from her landlady/his sister’s house four days ago after failing to clear her rent of two years. This was after screenshots of ‘the man from Ombokolo’ giving UK based Uganda gossip queen, Ritah Kaggwa the scoop found its way online.

Bad Black has accused the comedian of attempting to use her name to become relevant again after his career took a nose dive. She also raised concern over the fact that her landlady is a Muganda while Salvado is a Kakwa, therefore the connection is very disturbing to imagine.

“Salvado is the finest of where? Comedy of where? When even Full Stop is better? He is looking for a comeback. He claims my landlady is his sister yet she is called Kellen Namusisi while he is from up North, where is the connection?” Black fumed.

She also alleged that Salvado and Daphine Frankstock’s wedding last year was heavily funded by his radio boss, Rajiv Rupareilia. That his rent was also cleared for a whole year and household items were bought for him.

To mock him even more, she added that his junior, Alex Muhangi is much more successful to the point of inviting him to perform at his Comedy Store.

“I ask him to sort himself out because even his wedding was sponsored. Also he has no right to say a word on these issues because as a woman, and as a single mother being able to pay rent of sh5m is big. Especially when even Muhangi who found you in comedy is now using you,” she added.

No, she did not stop there, she continued that nobody understands Salvado’s comedy and she can even sue him for getting involved in things he does not know well like claiming she defaulted for two years yet it is just two months. Bad Black also said Salvado is one of her biggest fans after he invited her to his radio show on Sanyu FM and showered her praises.  

She said all the above while appearing on blogger, Ibrahim Mukasa’s YouTube page.

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