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By Ahmad Muto
City socialite Bad Black started her new assignment of promoting Victoria University in high gear, courtesy of social media opinions that fell on two extremes.
On Monday, September 27, 2021 a photo surfaced online of the city socialite with the Victoria University Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga, and a copy of the agreement detailing that she is charged with engaging in the business of “brand marketing through their various platforms.” The agreement is set to run for a year.
However, social media immediately activated overdrive mode with floods of opinions sweeping through. While some argued that the university is right to use her services, some argued that she is a bad example given her online persona and the values she stands for.
@SamsonKasumba: “Without much effort Bad Black has just finished her task of promoting Victoria University. She has passed the test with flying colours. Give me a name of someone else who would have done this, and given the university this talkability in terms of real numbers on day one. Just one.”
@BradleyCarlvin1: “Bad Black securing the ka Victoria University Ambassador job has pressed many people.. why are you bitter?”
Meanwhile, those that are against it:
@steve_gemini: “This is where I ask marketing & PR experts to explain to me how the heck Bad Black is the new brand ambassador of Victoria University or else this is what Levixone sang about in the Mbeera song. Woaw!”
Some even went for the Vice Chancellor’s lawyer, Isaac Ssemakadde who turned up for a press briefing two weeks ago sporting dreads implying Dr. Muganga’s choices are unconventional.
@davidbujjadda: “Same man hired a lawyer with uncombed hair. Now Bad Black.”

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