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Banana fibres to be used as women’s hair extensions

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By Agnes Nantambi   

The textile industry is researching on the possibility of turning banana fibres into extensions for human hair in Uganda, Kimani Muturi, the managing director of handwoven textile, skills training and banana fibre processing at TEXFAD Skills Training Academy, has said.

He said this is aimed at reducing on imported hair extensions from China and other countries yet Uganda has the raw material to produce its own.

“We want to ensure that we use the entire banana right from being food, to making juice and wine, leather, dresses and shoes,” Muturi said.

He was speaking during the field visit of the executive director of the World Bank African Group 1 constituency, Taufila Nyamadzabo, to the World Bank-supported project grantees under the Skills Development Facility, of the Private Sector Foundation (SDF/PSFU).

“We are currently working with researchers on the banana fibre hair extension and hope to come up with the best results. Once the research is done, we intend to begin mass production of these extensions such that we can produce and compete with the imported hair extensions,” Muturi said.

Currently, Uganda imports hair extensions from countries like China, Brazil, Malaysia, and Cambodia.


Some of the raw materials used in making the hair extensions. Photos by Agnes Nantambi 

Banana fibres being dried in the sun





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