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By Joan Murungi

Before the release of their Banange song recently, pictures of Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine kissing at what seemed like a kwanjula went viral on social media. The pictures caused mixed reactions.

While some social media in-laws congratulated the two for making it official, others bashed Ykee Benda for swapping saliva with the Nkubanja singer yet he has a wife ( Julie Batenga). They wondered how the poor woman felt about the ‘betrayal’.

When The Kampala Sun contacted Ykee Benda over the matter, he remained unfazed.
“I am not in a relationship with anyone. Whatever we do, we do it to entertain so that someone out there organising a function is like ‘Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine is what I surely need’. We portray what would have happened because that is what the viewers want to watch. The kind of relationship I have with Lydia Jazmine is the kind of relationship I have with A Pass. It’s just a professional relationship,” he added.

Although Ykee Benda is adamant that he is single, his close friends swear that he and Batenga are still together. That the two decided to keep their relationship out of the limelight.
Meanwhile, some people are arguing that the Banange video is lacking, and is not doing well. Ykee Benda disagrees.
“That is impossible. The song is doing well. It had over 400,000 views in one week. What do you mean by something is lacking? I don’t work to disappoint. I deliver to the best of my ability.”

Lydia Jazmine and Ykee Benda at an event in 2016

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