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Big brother Naija housemates’ worries about the sudden disappearance of Nini came to an end on Thursday, September 23, 2021 after she slipped back into the main house in the morning and entered her bed. Pere who was the first to guess it was a prank on Wednesday did not sleep for a second the whole night, trying to put the pieces together. He was the first to notice she was back.
Nini secured the 24-hour prank after breaking down during her Diary session on Tuesday citing exhaustion, to stay away from the housemates and the reality show’s shenanigans to re-energise. But it had to be a secret between her and Biggie. Well, she kept it.
When Pere noticed she had tiptoed into the house, he rushed to wake-up Saga, her BBNaija boyfriend who had abandoned their bed for the main lounge. They went to check if it was really Nini, with agonising looks.
However, the highlight of the reception was Cross. He literally dropped the cloth he was holding on seeing her. He ran, hugged her and could not let go. It is important to note that last week they had an epic clash over bathroom cleaning.
And Pere’s involvement was also quite a highlight because the pair (Nini and Saga) said mean things about him including that he is a shady character not to be trusted, but he put all of that aside to find Nini and comfort Saga who spent Wednesday, crying and inconsolable. Saga is the happiest housemate right before evictions on Sunday, September 26 2021.

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