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By Ahmad Muto
For starters, Whitemoney could not hide his disappointment after walking into the arena, seeing the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturers’ Caris 2021 sedan all decorated, ready to be won. But his bucket fell off after putting in just one bolt.
Pere, who only returned to the house on Monday, after disassembling toy cars, managed to put in 36 bolts before the thread broke and the bucket fell as required, winning himself a real car. Six buckets were hung for the six housemates and they were asked to pick bolts using a magnet tied to a stick and throw into a bucket. The first person to have their bucket fall runs to pick a key next to it and wins the task. Pere’s was the first to drop under the weight of the bolts.
Meanwhile, after counting, the housemates noticed Emmanuel had put in 48 bolts and Angel particularly started protesting, forcing Biggie to explain that it was about weight, not number.
Whitemoney, who was the unhappiest person, expressed his feelings to Biggie who acknowledged, but well, did nothing about it.
Pere was declared the winner. He picked the car keys from the platform, opened it and was joined by the other housemates to celebrate, with Liquorose and Cross joining him inside to have a feel.

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